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Joining technology plays a major role in total value creation in the manufacturing industry. Since a usable product is only created by joining the sum of its parts, the process is of great strategic importance.

New process technologies continually reduce the consumption of additional material.

With our know-how & ambition we develop the optimal, most cost-efficient solution for our customers.“ ̶ Christian Sühwold CEO.

This is achieved by the use of innovative products and covers all modern process technologies.

Foresighted adaption of implemented processes to changing production sequences, to innovations in material conservation, to changing markets and competition, as well as to changed regulatory and environmental requirements is a matter of course for fsk industries.

Using cutting-edge technology fsk industries develops solutions in the fields of

Laser welding

MIG / MAG welding

WIG- or plasma welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Resistance welding

In resistance welding we rely on

Welding with alternating current

One phase direct current welding

Three phase direct current welding

Medium frequency welding

Impulse welding

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