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Collaborating instead of programming! The robot cell that speaks your language. Without programming. Without a joystick.

Imagine there was a robot cell that could learn the production of new parts and products instead of having to program it laboriously and inconveniently. Just show the robot what it needs to do by touching it and pulling it right to the desired position.

This would generate a lot of advantages:

  • Consulting an external robot programmer or robot programming company would be unnecessary
  • This would reduce waiting and idle time and thereby reduce costs
  • Your personnel would not require special trainings concerning robot programming
  • Your production would gain more flexibility, as new tasks could be demonstrated easily and quickly and would not need to be programmed labourously
  • This would reduce set-up times and thereby increase productivity
  • Processes that could not be automated up til now because they were too variable or had too many different tolerances can now be automated easily

You could use this robot cell in your production tomorrow!

fsk engineering GmbH has developed a robot cell that brings all these benefits to your production.

But there is more: our concept can be adapted to every process you require. Be it handling, bottling/metering, glueing, clinching, welding, etc…

While intuitive, collaborating robots can currently only be found in equipping and packaging tasks, SmartCell enables you to benefit from this technology in all your industrial production processes today.

Especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) SmartCell provides cost-efficient and convenient access to robot-based automation.

The following video shows the application of our SmartCell technology with an ABB for the process of arc welding.

Here you can see SmartCell with a UNIVERSAL Robot for the process of arc welding:

For more information, please click on the picture below and take a look at our flyer for the Digital Demo Day 2019:

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