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Collaborating instead of programming! The robot cell that speaks your language. Without programming. Without a joystick.

Imagine there was a robot cell that could learn the production of new parts and products instead of having to program it laboriously and inconveniently. Just show the robot what it needs to do by touching it and pulling it right to the desired position.

This would generate a lot of advantages:

# 10 Good reasons for the SmartCell in your production:

    1. Short training time– You don’t program the SmartCell; it learns simply through guidance. This saves time and above all money.
    2. High flexibility – With the SmartCell you can easily produce large and small batches. You determine the location and the task.
    3. Competitive Advantage – The SmartCell is your entry into automated manufacturing. This will give you a decisive competitive advantage and make your company future-ready.
    4. Increase Quality – The SmartCell allows you to repeat simple and more complex tasks in the future with an high reliability. This will increase the quality of your products.
    5. Increase efficiency – By working with the SmartCell you gain new manpower and increase the long-term efficiency of your company.
    6. Reliability – SmartCell never gets tired, SmartCell never sleeps, SmartCell is always before the boss in the factory and welds stress-free. 😉
    7. Safety – You will receive the SmartCell with your own security concept, customized to your needs. You will receive a machine with a professional and comprehensive CE declaration.
    8. High quality components – We take care to use only high quality branded components in the SmartCell. We are happy to coordinate this with your personal preferences.
    9. User-friendly Software – The SmartCell is the first solution to create robotic welding programs without the need for programming skills. Just use it like a tool.
    10. Made in Germany – We offer value work “made in Germany”. As a local company, we are your point of contact no. 1, responding to your individual wishes and creating solutions.

You can use this robot cell on your shopfloor!

fsk industries has developed a robot cell that simply just does that.

And the best thing is: Our concept can be adapted to any process you require. Regardless of wether Handling, Dosing, Glueing, welding, etc…

While intuitive, collaborative robots are currently only used in light manufacturing such as packaging, with SmartCell you can benefit from the capabilities of this technology today in their industrial manufacturing processes..

Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, SmartCell is a cost-effective entry into robotic automation.

Create perfect, automated weld seams in less than 3 minutes – see our product in action:

On the history of the development of SmartCell (video in German):

Our SmartCell can also be operated wirelessly with an iPad (video in German):


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